I make large scale drawings on paper using an old fashioned dip pen. 

I am using this technic for its intimacy, clarity and fineness. 

The drawings consist of countless little coloured ink lines / strokes. 

It’s a manifestation, visualization and storage of time. 

It’s a very time consuming process; it takes months before a drawing is finished.

Seen from a distance, a drawing looks like a flickering painting, up close, it shows microcosms of a thousands lines.

Taking distance again- various colours blend together into new- and lines cluster to take on new shapes.

A situation is created in which you can zoom -in and -out; where you can choose your own ways of viewing, your own perspective.

This duality gives my works a certain amount of tranquility; one can almost disappear into them.

My drawings are intuitively drawn, in a non objective, abstract way.

The drawings could be perceived as emotional landscapes, maps of thinking, abstract networks or aerial images.

The inevitability of the large formats and the share amount of work they take to make them, somehow have their effect on the viewer; 

they set in motion a sense of recognition about the own self / thinking processes.

„I am trying to visualise the thinking process, the formation of ideas and concepts concerning our ever changing interpretations of reality; 

the creative process itself.“




Feel free to contact me for a studio visit.

New Studio: @ Never At Home, Schellinggasse 13, 1010 Wien



*1980 Aalen, Germany

Lives and works in Vienna (Austria) since 2008

2008-2014 Studied at University of applied Arts Vienna with Sigbert Schenk, Jan Svenungsson

2014 Sculptur Seminar with Hans Schabus, University of applied Arts Vienna

2006-2008 Fashion Assistent, „Bogner Jeans“, Künzelsau (D)

2001-2005 Studied at University Pforzheim School of Design in Fashion (D)



2020 Create! Magazine, Winter 2020, Issue 19. Curated Selection.

2019 Nomination for Strabag Art Award (A)

2018 Nomination for Strabag Art Award (A)

2017 Artist in Residence, Lichtenberg Studios Berlin

2015-2016 Artistic work scholarship of the BMWFW Vienna

2014 Recognition Award of the city Vienna

2009 Stiegl brewing art edition, label design

2004 1st prize at the Rosner Design Award „Most beautiful trousers in Germany“



Austrian Federal Collection (Artothek des Bundes), Collection of the City of Vienna, Museum of the Austrian Gallery Belvedere

Strabag Artcollection

Collection Ed Urban/ Waidhofen, Austria

Collection Karl Anton Wolf-Stiftung

Collection BKS Bank AG Klagenfurt (A)

and further private collections (D/ A/ CH/ BEL)




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